How are social media groups striving for justice? Help freelance fellow Karen Mendoza find out.

📷 Yasmeen Khalifa

Social media communication is as ubiquitous in Tyler as Andy’s frozen custard is on summer nights. Facebook is both the medium through which controversies pass and is a controversy itself. The platform allows groups to engage in public discourse, at best. At its worst, it spreads misinformation like wildfire.  

These groups are formed by any type of interest, belief, or social movement. Here in Tyler, fighters for social justice sit right next to beer connoisseurs on Facebook’s timeline. A casual scroll reveals a field of Facebook group posts, all leaving a small mark in our memories. Each one a memo of a person’s thoughts, experiences or feelings. These snapshots link us as a community but more so, help future generations piece together the full history of our times.

How then do our posts mold current and future life-changing movements? What can we learn from them?  

 I intend to answer these questions and more. Contact can be made on Instagram @ok__Karen___, Snapchat @ivon__k, or Karen Mendoza on Facebook. I’m seeking individuals who have contributed to Facebook groups striving for social change. What does it mean to be a part of groups like Fight for Justice ETX or Racists Exposed? As a witness to these historical changes, I see that East Texas has the opportunity to learn from these different experiences. Facebook itself is just one more step in bridging this gap in communication. 

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