Texas Special Children’s Projects at Caldwell Zoo

On Saturday, March 19, Texas Special Children’s Projects visited Caldwell Zoo for a field trip. TSCP is a non-profit organization founded 2001 to provide recreational activities to children and adults with special needs throughout East Texas with offices in Longview, Texarkana and Lufkin. The Tyler Loop captured some of their moments with feathered and furry friends in photos.

Sammy Martínez, left, and Alexis Gutierrez, right, admire Caldwell Zoo’s flamingos Saturday, March 19.
Sammy Martínez and Alexis Gutierrez have a close encounter with the giraffes at the Caldwell Zoo during the TSCP day trip.
TSCP participant Jair Egan strokes a furry friend at Caldwell’s Zoo’s petting area.
Elijah Bradley beckons parakeets and cockatiels inside the Wild Bird Walkabout at Caldwell Zoo on March 19. Bradley is a participant of the TSCP. 
At lunchtime, TSCP participants and their families came together for a picnic lunch provided by the organization.
After lunch, TSCP participants and their families gathered for a group photo.

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