The Tyler Loop’s Event Guide: Open taps, Molly Ivins, pizza night, and a Selena tribute

The Tyler Loop’s event guide is a roundup of local happenings we think Tylerites would want to know about. Our “can’t miss” recommendations are marked with an asterisk.

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* Tuesday, August 29: Open Taps at the True Vine Brewing Company. The event will include live music and food trucks!

Friday, September 1: Nikki Hill at Stanley’s B-B-Q. “Raised in the church choir and steeped in R&B and garage rock rumble, Nikki Hill is a spitfire with the soul-drenched voice of Etta James and the tattooed, beehived-hair aura of Cramps’ guitarist Poison Ivy.” 8pm to midnight.

* Saturday, September 2nd: Sola Bread’s monthly Community Pizza Night. “Come to the peaceful and quaint back yard where our hand built brick oven rests and enjoy all you can eat Neapolitan style pizza.” BYO, and bringing camp chairs or blankets is recommended but not required. 6pm to 10pm, 402 W. Houston. Tickets $24 to $27, kids $12 (under 5 free).

Thursday, September 7: Coworking Tyler Meetup at the FoundryCoworking Tyler aims to foster collaboration between independent professionals. The meet up happens every first Thursday of the month.

Friday, September 8: ETX Music Awards at KE Bushman’s in Bullard from 6:30pm-9:30pm. The music featured spans multiple genres, from latin and country to blues and metal. Artists performing at the event include BibeauLady Chazz and the Tramps, and Tyler native Heather HarperTickets range from $27.37 to $100.

* Saturday, September 9: A remembrance of legendary Texas columnist, populist critic, and take-no-prisoners political raconteur Molly Ivins. Features a selection of readings of Ivins’s work read by local authors, educators, and organizers (including Loop editor Tasneem Raja). Organized by Voices of East Texas. 1pm to 3pm, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Tyler.

Sunday, September 10: A film screening of “The Music of Strangers: Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble. From the producers of “20 Feet From Stardom,” the film “follows an ever-changing lineup of performers drawn from the ensemble’s more than 50 instrumentalists, vocalists, composers, arrangers, visual artists and storytellers as they gather in locations across the world, exploring the ways art can both preserve traditions and shape cultural evolution.” 4pm to 7pm, Liberty Hall.

* Wednesday, September 20: Selena Tribute Concert at Coach’s and Cowboy’s from 7pm to 12am. Bidi Bidi Banda, a Selena tribute band based in Austin and featured on KLRU Austin PBS “Arts in Context” Shorts, will perform some of Selena’s greatest hits. Tickets purchased online are $20 and tickets purchased at the door are $25.

Saturday, October 7th: Dogtoberfest on Market Square Boulevard from 11am-6pm. Hosted by the SPCA of East Texas, this event will feature craft breweries, live music, food trucks, pet supplies vendors, and adoptable rescue pups! The SPCA hopes to have as many of the rescue pups adopted by the end of the event as possible.

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