Farewell from the Tyler Loop

Friends of the Tyler Loop,

We are writing to you with bittersweet news. The Tyler Loop is coming to an end.

For seven years, this local journalism project has produced an impressive amount of content – from investigative journalism, to storytelling, podcasts, videos, and showcasing local artists. We are truly proud of the work that was started by Tasneem Raja and Chris Groskopf and shepherded beautifully by our current executive director Jane Neal.

Jane has accepted a position out of state to re-engage with her roots as a teacher. We wish her well in New Orleans and we thank her for her time, dedication, and talent from the bottom of our hearts.

This transition coincides with a time of reflection for our board. Running The Tyler Loop has been a labor of love, operated on a shoestring budget, and sustained by the generosity of our community. The financial challenges have been significant, and while we’ve met them with resilience and creativity, we’ve also recognized the need for fiscal responsibility and long-term sustainability. As a board, we felt this was an appropriate time to sunset The Tyler Loop, honoring its legacy and ensuring the responsible stewardship of the resources entrusted to us.

With these considerations in mind, we want to take a moment to express our deep gratitude for your role in The Tyler Loop’s journey and to share some important information:

First, thank you. Whether you made a monthly contribution, a one-time donation, or if you attended one of our community events – thank you. It has been our foundational mission to lift up local stories and voices. And the funding to hire the people responsible for this project came from community resources. Thank you for the love and the energy over these years.

Second, if you are a current donor on a recurring basis to The Tyler Loop, all transactions will be canceled by the end of this month of August. Starting September 1, no one should see any donations to The Tyler Loop on their card. If, for some reason, there is a charge, please contact Neal Katz directly and he will correct it.

Third, all of the wonderful content on our website and social media will remain available for the time being. We know that The Tyler Loop articles and videos are still part of the communal conversation in East Texas, and we are working to ensure those stories will remain available long-term.  

Fourth, and finally, let us talk about local voices. East Texas is an amazing place, filled with unique and powerful stories. We are proud of the work that came out of The Tyler Loop to showcase some of these voices. And over the past few years, we have seen a new generation of people, organizations, and media that have amplified these voices. We encourage you to support local independent media, storytellers, and artists. From time to time, we may pass along an email to Loop subscribers sharing a program that may interest you.

We thank you again for your generosity and support over these years. We wish Jane peace and love as she moves on to her next chapter. And we look forward to seeing you, our neighbors, around the community as we close out The Tyler Loop.

The Tyler Loop Board

Ginger Barry Brandt
Cate Carrejo
Neal Katz
Amy Lively
Michael McClendon
Paulina Pedroza
Leah Wansley
Lisa Williams

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