About us

We’re a “small batch” digital magazine for Tylerites who want to better understand, enjoy, and engage with our beautiful, complicated, evolving city. 

You won’t get all your local info from The Tyler Loop; we’re not a daily news shop. We’ll be posting just a few carefully selected, meticulously crafted stories each month.  

This project evolved from Hack Tyler, a civic engagement site launched by Loop contributor Chris Groskopf in 2011. Read more about Hack Tyler here.

Come to the Loop for:

  • Background on things you’ve always been curious about in Tyler
  • Context on local happenings — and why you should care
  • Profiles of local people and places who are making things happen (for better or worse)
  • Maps and charts that reveal invisible local patterns
  • Deep reporting on the big, complicated issues shaping Tyler’s present and future

Founders and editors

Tasneem Raja

I’m a journalist who’s worked as a senior editor and a reporter at National Public Radio, Mother Jones magazine, and alt-weekly papers in Chicago and Philadelphia. I live in Tyler with my husband Chris (see below) and my stepson. We love going to Stanley’s and Andy’s more often than we probably should, walking the Rose Rudman Trail with our dog, and drooling over the high-end electric guitars at Mundt Music.

You can read more about me and my work here.

Chris Groskopf

By day I’m the Data Editor at Quartz—a guide to the new global economy. Nights and weekends I read about science and history, drink strange beers, play all manner of games, and report for the Tyler Loop. On any random weekday you might find me working out of Strada coffeeshop. You’ll know me by my ninja-black wrist guards.

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Please drop a line at hello@thetylerloop.com, and don’t hesitate to just say hi. We look forward to visiting with you.