FOIA Archive

At the Loop we use often public records laws to request data we need to understand our local community. We are making the results of those requests public here, for anyone who wants to use it. To learn more about how you can request public records, click here.

Received From Records Downloads
6/16/2017 City of Tyler Neighborhood Services Fair housing complaints No responsive documents
5/30/2017 City of Tyler GIS Ordinances authorizing city annexations Zip file of PDFs
5/22/2017 City of Tyler Code of Ordinances RTF format, PDF format
5/15/2017 NETHealth Budgets and staff salaries PDFs: 2017 budget, Salaries
5/15/2017 NETHealth Restaurant Inspections and citations PDFs: Inspections Part 1, Inspections Part 2, Citations,
5/12/2017 City of Tyler GIS Historical city boundaries Zipped Shapefile, PDF map


Have ideas for things we should FOIA? Email us at [email protected].