Want to write about Tyler? Do some research? We should talk.

Interested in reporting on local issues? Sharing an essay with your perspective on life in East Texas? Writing an open letter to the city of Tyler? Digging into local stats to find important patterns no one else is seeing?

We would love to talk to you. Please note that we are a volunteer-run site; we can’t pay you in cash money, but can offer experienced editing and research guidance to help you hone your craft or learn a new skill. Also, it’ll be fun.

Here’s a few things we’re especially interested in collaborating on with other folks in town. Let us know if you’d like to get involved in any of these efforts:

  • Taco tour of Tyler!
  • Understanding segregation in Tyler
  • Handmade in Tyler: tracking local entrepreneurs and producers
  • Secrets to ordering off-menu in Tyler
  • Quickie updates on local issues (food trucks, recycling, farmer’s market, sidewalks)
  • Explaining how decisions made in Austin and Washington, D.C. will impact life in Tyler
  • Highlighting interfaith alliances and community building
  • What’s up with traffic in Tyler?

Please drop a line at hello@thetylerloop.com, and don’t hesitate to just say hi. We look forward to visiting with you.

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These stories take a lot of time, money, and effort to produce. If everyone who reads The Loop, loves The Loop, and believes we can create meaningful local change were to become a member, our future would be secure. That's why we need to ask for your help. With just $15 a month—the cost of a nice lunch—and 30 seconds to sign up, you can keep The Tyler Loop alive. Thank you.

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Tasneem Raja is the Executive Editor of The Tyler Loop, a nonprofit journalism startup that explores policy, history, and demographics in Tyler, Texas. She is an award-winning journalist who has reported for NPR, The New Yorker, the Atlantic, Mother Jones, and other national outlets. A former senior editor at NPR, she launched a popular podcast exploring issues of identity and race with NPR's Code Switch team. At Mother Jones, she specialized in data visualization and led a team that built the first-ever database of mass shootings in America. She's a pioneer in the field of data-driven digital storytelling, a frequent speaker on issues of digital journalism, and a die-hard fan of alt weeklies, where she got her start as a local reporter. She lives in Tyler with her husband, her stepson, and two imperious terriers.